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611 SE Morrison St, Portland, OR 97214, USA


Street shop tattooer, flash painter, family man.

I'd like to say that I let my work speak for itself and nothing else but the reality is it often doesn't because so much of the work is in the experience.  The moments that make up your total perception.


 Since I first started getting tattooed I've had experiences with everyone from the old school to new school, from the rock star hipsters to crotchety old bikers.  I learned from those of the old guard, not the "old school" from a decade ago but those from the 60's and 70's and they instilled in me a more empirical mindset.  The best experiences are always with those who hold the upmost respect.  I understand how hard you work and quite frankly you deserve the best.  I've been there before working two jobs while putting myself through college and then started learning to tattoo on top of that...  I know how important it is to continually mark the milestones in your life.  The body of my work focuses mainly on traditional because it is the style of tattooing that has lasted the test of time and earned its respect as Traditional.  There is nothing that makes me feel happier or more proud than when you look in the mirror and see that uncontrollable smile creep up on your face.


 Everyone earns their tattoos the same, it's one of the last rights of passage.